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The Assisted Intervention Matching (AIM) Tool

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This tool will guide you through a series of questions to help you find services well-matched to the specific behavioral health needs of a child (mental health and/or substance use) or parent-focused services to promote child wellbeing.

The tool provides links to information about specific clinic- or home-based services and programs and how to make referrals. The AIM Tool is intended to expand awareness and understanding particularly of the publicly supported behavioral health system for children and their families. Efforts were made to identify resources for children insured under Medicaid/Husky or other health insurance. It is not intended to provide diagnosis, nor is it an endorsement of any providers or programs.

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We welcome feedback on the AIM Tool at: CTNetworkofCareManagers@carelon.com. The AIM tool was made possible with federal funding support from SAMHSA through CT’s Connecting to Care grant.