How Connecting to Care Fits In

If you have a child with behavioral health needs, Connecticut offers many sources for information, support, treatment and care, from early intervention to after-care and recovery services.

Through an integrated, collaborative effort between state agencies, local agencies and service providers, Connecting to Care will help you understand your care options and find treatments and services that are right for your child.

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Connecting Connecticut Families to the Help They Need

Connecting Children and Families to Care is about blending and integrating all child-serving systems into a network of care which will equally and effectively serve all children and families.

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The network of 25 community collaboratives provides information and support to families in need of behavioral health services and a safe place to talk about their experiences, share information with other families, and learn about available services.

What is 

WrapCT was developed over the last decade based on the nationwide wraparound initiative which puts the child and family at the center of all care and services. It provides training to care providers, parents, and educators to help families stay in control of their child’s treatment.

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