Network of Care

Connecting to Care is a partnership that strives to build a system or “Network of Care” that meets the behavioral health needs of all children in our state. To do this, we partner with state, regional, and local behavioral health system leaders; providers that serve children, youth, and families; and family and community members. Our goal is to coordinate and integrate behavioral health services across child-focused systems, such as: early care and education, K-12 education, pediatric primary care, juvenile justice, child welfare, and more. Learn more about Connecticut’s Connecting to Care initiative at


Children’s Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (CBHAC)

The Children’s Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (CBHAC) was formally established by the Connecticut state legislature through Public Act No. 00-188. The mission of CBHAC is to promote and enhance the provision of behavioral health services for all children in the State of Connecticut. Appointed members and community guests attend the monthly meeting to address these needs of the state. CBHAC serves in an advisory capacity on system of care issues to the State Advisory Council. CBHAC meetings are typically held the 1st Friday of every month from 10 am – 12 pm.

Statewide Council of Community Collaboratives (SCCC)

The Statewide Council of Community Collaboratives (SCCC) is comprised of the chairpersons of the 25 community collaboratives and chairpersons of other community initiatives. The SCCC meets at a minimum of two times a year to share statewide updates, best practices, and data pertaining to the development of community collaboratives and the networks of care.


Regional Advisory Councils (RAC)

The purpose of the Regional Advisory Council is to advise in the establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive system of services for children, youth and Families within the Region. Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 17a-30 (formerly 17-434) the mission of the Council shall be:

  • To advise the Commissioner of the Department of Children and Families on the development and delivery of services in the Region; and
  • To facilitate the coordination of services for children, youth and their families in the Region

Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations (RBHAO)

Each Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations (RBHAO) is responsible for a range of planning, education, and advocacy of behavioral health needs and services for children and adults within one of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) Uniform Regions.

Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations (RBHAOs)


Community Collaboratives

Community Collaboratives bring providers, community members, caregivers, family members and youth together in their communities to work collaboratively to most effectively utilize resources and ensure services meet the changing social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children, adolescents and their families. The Collaboratives track service/resource gaps and advocate for system level change. Collaborative meetings are open to everyone in the community. Family, caregiver and youth participation are necessary at every level to align with overarching System of Care values and principles.


Local Interagency Service Team (LIST)

Local Interagency Service Teams (LIST) is a system development strategy for the establishment of an integrated system for planning, implementation and evaluation of juvenile justice service delivery in Connecticut. The LIST provides a venue for community-level interagency coordination and formal communication and planning between state agencies and local communities around juvenile justice issues.

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This is only a partial list of the Network of Care partners. Additional state, regional and local committees working to enhance Connecticut’s Network of Care can be found on