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Care Coordination

Care Coordination

This service provides high-fidelity “Wraparound,” an intensive, individualized care planning process for youths with serious or complex needs, to maintain youth with the most serious emotional and behavioral problems in their home and community. The Wraparound process and Plan of Care developed are designed to be culturally competent, strengths based and organized around a family’s own perceptions of their needs, goals, and vision.

Community Pathways

Works with families, local providers, and DCF to ensure access for Connecticut’s children and their families to parenting services, behavioral health services, and other services that prevent instances of child abuse and neglect. Provides intensive care coordination using a wraparound approach to achieve optimal outcomes for children, youth, and families through comprehensive needs assessments, care management, service referrals, and monitoring of ongoing progress of families.

Intensive Care Coordination

Serves children and youth, ages 0-18, with serious behavioral or mental health needs who are returning from congregate care or other restrictive treatment settings (emergency departments/in-patient hospitals) or who are at risk of removal from home or their community. Intensive Care Coordinators (ICCs) and Family Peer Specialists (FPS) use an evidence-based wraparound Child and Family Team process to develop a Plan of Care for each child and family.

To find the best service match for a child’s needs, use the AIM Tool.