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Residential & Respite Treatment

Residential Treatment Center

A congregate model of care that provides a diverse array of integrated behavioral and mental health treatment and rehabilitative support services for youth who have significant and complex emotional and behavioral disorders and their families/caregivers, in partnership with DCF and the broader system of care. The services provided will meet the individualized needs of each youth and family and will be delivered through a structured, intensive, therapeutic environment.

Short Term Assessment and Respite Home

This service is a temporary congregate care program that provides short-term care, evaluation and a range of clinical and nursing services to children removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or other high-risk circumstances. Staff provide empathic, professional child-care, and develop and maintain a routine of daily activities similar to a nurturing family structure. The children and youth receive assessment services, significant levels of structure and support, and care coordination related to family reunification, or matching with a foster family or a congregate care setting, as appropriate

Therapeutic Group Home

This service is a small (4-6 bed) staffed home within a local community designed for youth with a diagnosed psychiatric/behavioral issue(s). Youth entering these homes come primarily from larger residential facilities. Therapeutic techniques/strategies are used with the child/family, primarily through group and group-based experiences to assist the youth in improving relationships at school, work and/or community settings. Appropriate linkages with alternative or transition services are in place prior to a youth’s discharge.

To find the best service match for a child’s needs, use the AIM Tool.