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The wraparound initiative is a holistic approach to delivering services to families with children experiencing mental health or behavioral changes. Wraparound puts the child and family at the center, surrounding them with a team of friends, family members, providers, and members of the community to provide support and help them achieve their goals.

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Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a homebased intervention that uses high fidelity “Wraparound” through the use of the monthly Child and Family Team process. The Child and Family Team meeting is facilitated by the Care Coordinator and is defined as in intensive, individualized care planning and management process.

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Multicultural Work Groups

WrapCT is a culturally inclusive resource, offering individualized care coordination to non-English speaking families with the help of bilingual staff members who have been trained in cultural issues and can help families understand the care resources available to them and choose the best options for theirĀ child.

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FAVOR is a statewide, family-driven nonprofit organization that provides information, assistance and training to families with children who have medical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health challenges.

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