Logo for: Connecting to Care

Multicultural Work Group

Our vision as a statewide learning collaborative is to educate, train, and promote the benefits of the values and principles of System of Care and the Wraparound Process.

Our mission is to develop a network of supports to empower, validate, and equip multicultural staff to provide individualized care.

Purpose of the Multicultural Group:

  • Conduct census of bilingual/multicultural staff
  • Define best practice standards in working with non-English families
  • Conduct bilingual Wraparound trainings in other communities
  • Create more awareness of resources available and how to access them
  • Coordinate trainings in educational law/policy for families
  • Provide more training on cultural awareness

Urban Trauma Network Initiative

The following video provides information about the Urban Trauma Network Initiative, a program designed in partnership with the Department of Children and Families and Urban Trauma LLC. This initiative will provide educational and training support to providers regarding both the effects of racial trauma on children and youth of color as well as how to appropriately support them in healing.