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WrapCT Wraparound Trainings

Wraparound is a philosophy of care with a defined planning process used to build constructive relationships and support networks among children and youth with emotional or behavioral challenges and their families.

FAVOR, Inc. Trainings

FAVOR’s Learning & Leadership Academy is a learning collaborative designed to provide infrastructure to guide and mentor youth and family champions interested in developing their leadership and peer support skills.

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View all our upcoming events and trainings for WRAP, FAVOR and CLAS.

Data Stories

Data Stories are summaries of evaluation findings from the Connecticut Children’s Behavioral Health Network of Care including but not limited to process data (e.g., number of types of services provided, number of people attending a training), outcome data (e.g., increase in youth strengths; increase in number of Family Care Connections established) and perceptions of care (e.g., summary of Community Conversations; data from satisfaction surveys).

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