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FAVOR, INC. Learning & Leadership Academy Trainings & Workshops

FAVOR, Inc. is a non-profit statewide Multicultural family organization serving families, youth and youth adults dealing with a broad spectrum of behavioral and mental health needs by providing family peer support, leadership and policy initiatives. FAVOR’s hybrid Learning & Leadership Academy is convenient and promotes community learning and reflection.

To schedule a training, contact FAVOR, Inc. Family Engagement Programming by phone at (860) 563-3232 ext. 106.

  • CONNECTing Youth
    (1 hour)
    This presentation is an interactive presentation designed to introduce youth to the Children’s Behavioral Health System and to mental health as an important part of your overall health. It focuses on three pillars—Physical, Mental and Social Health and allows the participants to see how they can all be interconnected. The presentation also dedicates time to discuss the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness as it relates to the culture of their school and community. CONNECTing Youth allows time to brainstorm ways that youth can take charge and bring awareness to health, wellness and reducing the stigma of mental illness.
  • How to Be Your Child’s Best Advocate
    (2 hours)
    Focus is on educational advocacy, including what to do when your child is struggling in school, the PPT process, laws parents need to know, effective communication and collaboration skills, how to work with school professionals when disagreements occur, and resources for parents with children who have behavioral health challenges.
  • Network of Care: Agents of Change – A Workshop for Family Leaders
    (2 hours)
    This workshop helps family members understand the networks of care and the expanding opportunities for families to share their knowledge and expertise. Topics include: the development of family-driven and youth guided care, developing skills to bring family voice to local, regional and state decision-making tables, and advancing family engagement in policy and practice.
  • Persuasive Storytelling
    (2.5 hours)
    This workshop focuses on the use of personal stories, one of the most effective tools for children’s behavioral health advocates. Personal stories are especially powerful when communicating with system partners, provider agencies, media and other families and youth. During this session, participants learn and practice skills for telling their personal story. Participants are taught how to create their Single Overriding Communication Objective (SOCO). A SOCO is the reason a presentation or speech is done. Participants learn that if they stay true to their SOCO, there will be no doubt in the audience’s mind about what they stand for and what message they are trying to convey. This training is highly interactive.

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