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WrapCT Wraparound Trainings

Wraparound is a philosophy of care with a defined planning process used to build constructive relationships and support networks among children and youth with emotional or behavioral challenges and their families. It is community based, culturally relevant, individualized, strength-based, and family-centered. Wraparound plans are comprehensive and address multiple life domains across home, school, and community.

The following trainings offer the philosophy and practical skills needed for Wraparound:

  • Utilizing the Wraparound Planning Process
    A 2-day Introduction to the Wraparound Practice Model and how to facilitate child and family team meeting.
  • Brief Introduction to Wraparound
    A brief 1-day overview of the Wraparound Practice Model.
  • Crisis and Safety Planning
    How to write and carry out effective crisis safety plans using the Wraparound Process.
  • Team Meeting Facilitation
    Build skills in running a well-organized and efficient team meeting and learn how to get the right people to the table.
  • Engaging Families and Teams
    Methods to enhance participants’ ability to engage families in a meaningful way.
  • Strength Based Documentation
    Writing family and individual records, plans of care, and progress notes with Wraparound principles in mind.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Methods to assist facilitators in preventing and managing conflict within the Wraparound collaboration process and in team meetings.
  • Transition Planning
    How to successfully transition plan utilizing the four phases of Wraparound, moving family teams away from formal system involvement to community and natural support.
  • Developing Needs and Benchmarks
    Develop skill in writing clear, concise needs statements that are individualized. Identify measurable and meaningful benchmarks to inform individual/family progress.
  • System of Care
    Overview of System of Care Values and Principles and the System of Care development within the state of Connecticut.