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Finding someone to support your child’s mental health is just as important as finding a medical professional to help address physical well-being. The complexity of the children’s behavioral/mental healthcare system and the process of navigating it can be frustrating to parents and guardians. Connecting to Care is committed to providing accurate and useful information about behavioral/mental healthcare for your child.

If you are seeking immediate help for your child’s behavioral health crisis, you have several options.  You can call 988 which is the national suicide and crisis lifeline, 211, then use prompts 1-1 for an at-home response, or if you were thinking of bringing your child to an emergency department you can bring your child to the closest Urgent Crisis Center which can provide an urgent response for children’s mental health needs.

Urgent Crisis Centers

Are located at 4 agencies across the state of Connecticut. To find out more, please call or visit their website:

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